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What is the number 1 thing you should do to improve your running or even your PR in your next run or race? The answer is NOT to get injured! Read on while I explain... Despite the pandemic, there are a handful of in-person races throughout the country and many virtual options. While virtual racing is really not the same, it can get you motivated and disciplined to work towards a goal and get things dialed in versus just doing random workouts on your own with no rhyme or reason. During CO...
Posted on 2020-11-18
We believe that movement should start from the core or the center of your body 1st. So this is a great exercise for BOTH your shoulders and your core! The Single arm plank or push up!Doing this on the floor is very challenging to do correctly (go to @ironptmom ‘s page to see that version). In this video, she’s demonstrating an easier and more accessible version using @trxtraining strapDoing a one arm plank makes you want to rotate your body so your abs have to turn on to ...
Posted on 2020-04-29
Sunday Kettlebell Workout!5 cleans 4 push press3 front squats2 bent over rows 1 push up 10 snatches Farmer carry (>50% Bodyweight) x 30 sec-ishX 5 rounds total Kettlebell Core & Flow Class with @ironptmom every Thursday at 5:30pm! Wanna join and learn skills + workout at the same time? DM us to see if you’re a good fit or if you wanna join our next Kettlebell Foundations Beginner Workshop!
Posted on 2020-02-09
Do your shoulders hurt when you try to workout?Do you have trouble doing push ups?Did you go to PT but were only given theraband exercises to strengthen your rotator cuff?Have you been diagnosed with shoulder impingement and avoiding exercise, bench pressing or lifting weights overhead?Then check this out! This video is an exercise we use for shoulder rehab. Caution: It May NOT be appropriate for you! @ironptmom is demonstrating the crooked arm bar and pressing a 26lb Kettlebell...
Posted on 2020-01-21
Single leg squats is part of our assessment of this athlete with IT band syndrome and knee pain. Can you guess which knee hurts this athlete? You gotta watch the whole video.Background: He is a very strong masters athlete (over 40 years old), is mainly a cyclist who loves to mountain bike and hasn’t run consistently (ever). He decided to do the Spartan Beast in August (because he can and likes the idea of a challenge). The race included 13 miles of running up and dow...
Posted on 2019-12-20
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