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I recently attended an Online Masters Athlete Symposium in which Dr. Stacy Sims was a speaker.....I polled our followers asking if they wanted me to share what I'd learned and many answered with a resounding YES! So here are a few takeaways from the brief 1 hr presentation:  There are 3 distinct phases: perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause Perimenopause is actually where many female athletes start noticing that despite the same diet and exercise routine, they're starting to put ...
Posted on 2020-08-09
Here’s a good one for increasing hip mobility AND hip strength as well as pelvic floor strength! ⠀ Do you sit all day and need some relief from the tension in your lower back or hips? Got tight hip flexors? Give this a try! A Kettlebell is not necessary but it’s nice to have. ⠀ Victoria is demonstrating an exercise that increases pelvic floor muscle activation while also getting the glutes to fire AND lengthening the hip flexors/quads all at the same time. Pressing the soles ...
Posted on 2020-07-28
Show some love to your body and/or a friend/colleague or family member!Happy Valentine’s Day to our clients and followers! Here are some special deals just for you: Know someone who’s been complaining about their low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain and either can’t workout or is limited in their ability to be active?When you refer a friend or loved one this month until Feb 29, you get a FREE Pilates semi private session OR a FREE Kettlebell Semi privat...
Posted on 2020-02-14
Sunday Kettlebell Workout!5 cleans 4 push press3 front squats2 bent over rows 1 push up 10 snatches Farmer carry (>50% Bodyweight) x 30 sec-ishX 5 rounds total Kettlebell Core & Flow Class with @ironptmom every Thursday at 5:30pm! Wanna join and learn skills + workout at the same time? DM us to see if you’re a good fit or if you wanna join our next Kettlebell Foundations Beginner Workshop!
Posted on 2020-02-09
Do your shoulders hurt when you try to workout?Do you have trouble doing push ups?Did you go to PT but were only given theraband exercises to strengthen your rotator cuff?Have you been diagnosed with shoulder impingement and avoiding exercise, bench pressing or lifting weights overhead?Then check this out! This video is an exercise we use for shoulder rehab. Caution: It May NOT be appropriate for you! @ironptmom is demonstrating the crooked arm bar and pressing a 26lb Kettlebell...
Posted on 2020-01-21
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