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What is the number 1 thing you should do to improve your running or even your PR in your next run or race? The answer is NOT to get injured! Read on while I explain... Despite the pandemic, there are a handful of in-person races throughout the country and many virtual options. While virtual racing is really not the same, it can get you motivated and disciplined to work towards a goal and get things dialed in versus just doing random workouts on your own with no rhyme or reason. During CO...
Posted on 2020-11-18
Just because it looks and feels “tight” doesn’t mean that stretching it more will help! Do you know the difference between “active” range of motion (ROM) vs. “passive”? Do your hips always feel tight and you just can’t seem to stretch them enough? - Active ROM is the motion you’re able to move through and control by yourself - Passive ROM is the available motion you have (but you maybe not be able to access or control all of that motion by ...
Posted on 2020-09-29
Here’s a great stretch for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and basically anyone who sits just a bit too much (EVERYONE!). To be perfectly honest, if you’re an endurance athlete, chances are you need to spend more time strength training (with an intelligent program- not a random one you find on the internet) and LESS time foam rolling/stretching. However, life is about balance and we do believe that you are more than your sport and good hip mobility and having supple muscles is goo...
Posted on 2020-09-28
Did you know that your lower leg, calf and foot muscles have to withstand 6-8x your bodyweight?Got achilles tendinitis, achilles problems, shin splints or plantar fascitis? The feet are the 1st to hit the ground when you run, so weakness or mobility deficits below the knee can even contribute to runner's knee, IT band syndrom, knee pain, hip pain, or even low back pain! Depending on your age, you should be able to do a certain of reps? Can you get your heels all the way up?
Posted on 2020-09-14
We make sure to look at everything "whole-istically" here at Ironhorse PT & Pilates, and that's a promise! That's why we know that when many people think they have tight hip flexors, that may not necessarily be the case. This a client from one of @ironptmom's Bulletproof Your Back workshop, and he was struggling with a tight IT band. Tight hip flexors can mean a million things, and it could even mean that his entire lateral line needs work! It's important to assess, and not guess!&nb...
Posted on 2020-06-30
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