Our Top 5 Holiday Gift picks for Runners: We love to run and also enjoy helping runners and triathletes stay pain-free, set PR's and continue to run even as they get older! These are some of the products we personally use and recommend to others if longevity and improving run performance is a goal for you or a loved one.  1) Vivobarefoot shoes for walking around and strength train in: an excellent way to build up the strength in your feet-  We love these shoes so much that we even ...
Posted on 2020-11-29
Most triathletes and swimmers are out of luck with all the gyms, pools and lakes closed to swimming these days due to the Shelter in Place mandate.There will be other races. So let’s not dwell on the things that are out of our hands. Why not work on strengthening and lengthening your body with pilates workout? This is an exercise from pilates matwork called “Swimming”. It works your back, shoulders and butt all at the same time! Can you keep your hands and feet e...
Posted on 2020-07-14
Workout Wednesday brought to you by @ironptmom! Here are some progressions to one of our favorite core exercises: The hollow body hold!Starting from easiest : March with legs keeping spine neutral and abs flat I.e. no “bulging” or “doming”. Each progression gets a bit harder and you’ll likely want to arch your lower back away from the floor. Stick with the hardest version you can do well! That means you may need to go back to an easier version for a while until yo...
Posted on 2020-02-12

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