Our Top 5 Holiday Gift picks for Runners: We love to run and also enjoy helping runners and triathletes stay pain-free, set PR's and continue to run even as they get older! These are some of the products we personally use and recommend to others if longevity and improving run performance is a goal for you or a loved one.  1) Vivobarefoot shoes for walking around and strength train in: an excellent way to build up the strength in your feet-  We love these shoes so much that we even ...
Posted on 2020-11-29
I recently attended an Online Masters Athlete Symposium in which Dr. Stacy Sims was a speaker.....I polled our followers asking if they wanted me to share what I'd learned and many answered with a resounding YES! So here are a few takeaways from the brief 1 hr presentation:  There are 3 distinct phases: perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause Perimenopause is actually where many female athletes start noticing that despite the same diet and exercise routine, they're starting to put ...
Posted on 2020-08-09

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