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Our Top 5 Holiday Gift picks for Runners: We love to run and also enjoy helping runners and triathletes stay pain-free, set PR's and continue to run even as they get older! These are some of the products we personally use and recommend to others if longevity and improving run performance is a goal for you or a loved one.  1) Vivobarefoot shoes for walking around and strength train in: an excellent way to build up the strength in your feet-  We love these shoes so much that we even ...
Posted on 2020-11-29
What is the number 1 thing you should do to improve your running or even your PR in your next run or race? The answer is NOT to get injured! Read on while I explain... Despite the pandemic, there are a handful of in-person races throughout the country and many virtual options. While virtual racing is really not the same, it can get you motivated and disciplined to work towards a goal and get things dialed in versus just doing random workouts on your own with no rhyme or reason. During CO...
Posted on 2020-11-18
Did you know that one of the biggest reasons runners get injured is due to training errors? That means running too fast, too soon, too long or stuff that’s too hilly.  - Do you try to go fast or push yourself every time you go out for a run?  - Do you feel like you’re always dealing with some discomfort or pain and can’t seem to improve your running?  - Do you find yourself limping after a run, the same day or even the next day?  If y...
Posted on 2020-11-04
We’ve been seeing an uptick in run-related injuries and wanted to share an exercise and a test with our running followers!Single leg bridging with a band to challenge both the glutes AND the core + hip flexors. Keep the UP leg straight up and down at 90 degrees and drive the other foot into the ground! Can you get your hips ALL the way up? How many can you do with good form? Do both legs feel equal or is one a lot stronger?
Posted on 2020-07-21
Did you know that Running is actually a plyometric activity?Plyometrics = aka jump training or Plyos are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). The goal is to reduce contact time with the ground and requires a quick muscle stretch and shorten cycle. Think of pulling a rubber band and then quickly releasing it! In this video , @ironptmom is demonstrating a few of her favorite jump rope drills to train ...
Posted on 2020-06-03
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