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If you’re a runner and you tell us that you don’t have time to do strength training BUT you spend an hour in a Foam Rolling class, you’re gonna get an eye roll! @ironptmom created our clinic’s Bulletproof Runner program to help injured runners recover and set PR’s. We mainly use foam rolling for a quick warm up before movement prep for running OR as a cooldown, recovery and self assessment or discovery. Using the roller, you could find “hotspots&r...
Posted on 2019-08-09
Here’s a simple tweak to how you perform your planks, push ups, and downward dog that may help you if you’re experiencing shoulder pain with these movements. Read the captions! Screw your hands into the ground, turn your elbow creases facing forward, and spread the fingers and actively grip the ground! Give it a shot and let us know: - Does that feel different from what you were doing before? - Does it help with your neck or shoulder pain? - Do you feel less tension in y...
Posted on 2019-08-06
Who doesn’t love a good plank? If you do it properly, it’s just an awesome core and shoulder workout! Check out the video of our own @ironptmom demonstrating some advanced plank variations (progressing eventually to a one arm push up). NOTE how long she takes to setup in between each repetition! The Devil is always in the details. There is nearly no movement when she transfers her weight from one arm to the other and when she basically does a birddog from this plank posit...
Posted on 2019-07-30
Your ankles and feet absorb 3-5x your Body Weight (or more according to some resources) during running! Many runners do calf raises off a step with their knee straight BUT here’s another way to target the soleus muscle (deep calf muscle) along with the little foot muscles. And why not add an isometric Plié for some extra quad burn? 
Posted on 2019-07-25
We’re sharing this from a fellow running Physio/Physical Therapy colleague @brad_beer who does great work. Although we generally agree with his statement here, there are times we’ve seen passive treatments like massage therapy help. For example, in some of our patients withAchilles tendinopathy, soft tissue mobilization to the calf muscles can make loading the tendon more comfortable. Is it placebo? Maybe, but who cares if the patient feels better? Anyway, it’s great to ...
Posted on 2019-07-16
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