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We’ve had a lot of requests lately for exercises to help ease knee pain so, here’s Victoria teaching a quadricep (front of thigh) mobility exercise with a yoga tune up ball. She taught this as part of our Bulletproof Runner Strength and Mobility class but this can help any athlete struggling with knee issues. ❇️”Gnarly” is a very technical term FYI 😂  ❇️ Excessive tension in the quadriceps muscle can create compression across the knee and &...
Posted on 2019-02-04
Thank you for your trust 🙏 and so many high fives 🙌 to Mike S. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment ❗️ Kudos to our leader and head PT, Victoria Liu for helping him achieve his goal❗️⠀⠀This is what she had to say about it, From Victoria:  "THIS made my day. He gave up running 10+years ago due to a bunch of running injuries and came to me because he wants to run again. Well he did it! And he crushed it with a Sub 2 hr half marathon an...
Posted on 2019-01-30
Week 1 of our Bulletproof Runners 🏃‍♀️ Strength &Mobility Series: Feet!🦶 ❇️ They’re the 1st thing to hit the ground so what happens at the Feet transfers up the kinetic chain which means that issues like IT band friction syndrome and back pain can be traced to what happens (or doesn’t happen) at the feet❗️❇️Scroll down to see a photo of a client with Hamstring problems in her R side but an old ankle surgery on her L. See 👀&nbs...
Posted on 2019-01-17
What are your Run goals this year? Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of getting injured and not being able to race or perform your best? Lots of runners just rest and hope/pray that the pain will just go away (and it often does while you rest). BUT then it almost always comes back after you resume running.... Because you actually haven’t addressed the root cause of the problem. That’s what we’re really good at because we’re runners too! Congrats to @ironptmom for earni...
Posted on 2019-01-03
Meet 1 of our Fabulous aclrehab acltearrehabpilates kneepain pilates
Posted on 2018-12-22
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