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Show some love to your body and/or a friend/colleague or family member!Happy Valentine’s Day to our clients and followers! Here are some special deals just for you: Know someone who’s been complaining about their low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain and either can’t workout or is limited in their ability to be active?When you refer a friend or loved one this month until Feb 29, you get a FREE Pilates semi private session OR a FREE Kettlebell Semi privat...
Posted on 2020-02-14
Our client @jgraygymnastics is 3.5 months postpartum and is working hard to rehab her core and pelvic floor so she can get back to Olympic weight lifting the SMART way!She’s a really strong woman, a former competitive gymnast and is a crossfit gymnastics coach. Like many postpartum women , she was nervous and didn’t know what to do for her abs and pelvic floor so she avoided doing anything until she saw an expert in women’s health PT. But that PT didn’t unders...
Posted on 2020-01-25
You’re only as old as your spine is flexible ~Joseph Pilates. Assisted Spine extension + rotation on the Pilates Chair: This movement works your lower back muscles in a stabilizing fashion as your upper back (thoracic spine) rotates like a rotisserie chicken. In other words, you have to keep your low back and pelvis stable while moving your upper back (we call that “spine dissociation” in the rehab/Physical Therapy nerd world)! Can you think of some sports or situations...
Posted on 2020-01-08
Do you have back pain, Diastasis Recti, hernia or prolapseā“This video is an example of what we do in our Healthy Spine & Core Class. We monitor posture, breathing and workoutwednesday spinehealth poppilates #pilatesforrehab
Posted on 2019-05-17
Here’s a snippet from our Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp Workshop: Victoria Liu is assessing the 3 layers of this client’s C-section Scar. The video skips the 2nd layer for brevity but that actually reproduced Back Pain! Clinically, we sometimes see a direct correlation between the scar and back pain and other times, it’s indirect. For example, we had another client who had significant tension throughout the entire front side of her Left Leg. That Quadriceps...
Posted on 2019-03-27
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