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Workout Wednesday brought to you by @ironptmom! Here are some progressions to one of our favorite core exercises: The hollow body hold!Starting from easiest : March with legs keeping spine neutral and abs flat I.e. no “bulging” or “doming”. Each progression gets a bit harder and you’ll likely want to arch your lower back away from the floor. Stick with the hardest version you can do well! That means you may need to go back to an easier version for a while until yo...
Posted on 2020-02-12
@jgraygymnastics doing her core rehab exercises ~4 months postpartum!Head to our Youtube if you wanna hear the cues....the breathing and timing of her pelvic floor is important here. The diaphragm is a core muscle and plays a major role in regulating intra-abdominal pressure (translation: DON’T hold your breath or the pressure in your stomach will likely push down into your pelvic floor or out through the belly) Since doming or pushing the belly out is generally not what we want if ...
Posted on 2020-02-01
The client in this video is actually an OB/GYN doctor who came to see us for a consult on her hernia, and gave us permission to post this for educational purposes.She’s been exercising and running but unhappy with how her abdomen looks despite all the work she’s been putting in.She’s been working out with a local “boot camp” gym but the womenshealth issues and really didn’t scale or modify the exercises for her. .As a result, she’s been doing planks , ...
Posted on 2020-01-30
Our Founder and creator of our Core and Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp Workshops, Victoria Liu was recently featured on a piece by Virginia Duan on "What is Postpartum Belly Binding and When Can I Start Doing It?"  Have you ever heard of postpartum belly binding? It is a technique used in many cultures as a form of recovery and support. While it is widely utilized in many moms worldwide, Victoria has her own opinion on postpartum belly binding in this article from  If you're inter...
Posted on 2019-11-13
Do you have back pain, Diastasis Recti, hernia or prolapseā“This video is an example of what we do in our Healthy Spine & Core Class. We monitor posture, breathing and workoutwednesday spinehealth poppilates #pilatesforrehab
Posted on 2019-05-17
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