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Run Gait Analysis from our Bulletproof Runner Workshop: See comments for her Slo-Motion video.This runner had Right side IT band pain at her knee and L hip pain at mile 14 of a training run recently. What do you see from the video that you think might contribute to her issues? We also did a Run screening of her strength & mobility prior to the video. What do you think we found?PS- she’s an excellent runner who literally PR’d her Half Marathon @berkeleyhalf! Time= 1:46...
Posted on 2019-11-18
Tip Tuesday for Runners trying to get your Gluteus Medius to do more of the work than your TFL (tensor fascia latae) or IT Band. When you do these leg lifts, do you always feel it in your thigh or front of your hip instead of your backside? Here are 2 ways to get more glutes to fire from this sidelying hip exercise! The 1st one @ironptmom is demonstrating uses the wall as an external cue. Go to comments for a version that we learned from our colleague RunningPhysio during a webinar...
Posted on 2019-09-10
Congrats to @ironptmom and all the runners 🏃 at bulletproofrunner runners marathonlivermorevalleyhalf bulletproofyourbody #50k
Posted on 2019-03-04
When you go out for a Lululemon fun run 🏃‍♀️ with your friend Katie Parr (Lululemon ambassador & certified badass ironwoman 💪) you just can’t help but “work” a little 😂 She asked me for my favorite hamstring stretch so check it out: volume on 🔉! When a lululemonambassador go running 🏃‍♀️, it’s always a good time 😀See y’all at the Livermore Half marathon next weeken...
Posted on 2019-02-27
One of the biggest mistakes we see Runners make is that they only strength train using their body weight. ❇️In our previous posts, we discussed how running demands forces 3 to 5 times your bodyweight❗️❇️Therefore it’s only logical to add LOAD to your strength program ❇️We love adding that load in the form of Kettlebells because of their versatility: you can accomplish several things with 1 movement/exercise ❇️In this Video of Week 3 into our Bulletproof R...
Posted on 2019-02-07
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