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Do your shoulders hurt when you try to workout?Do you have trouble doing push ups?Did you go to PT but were only given theraband exercises to strengthen your rotator cuff?Have you been diagnosed with shoulder impingement and avoiding exercise, bench pressing or lifting weights overhead?Then check this out! This video is an exercise we use for shoulder rehab. Caution: It May NOT be appropriate for you! @ironptmom is demonstrating the crooked arm bar and pressing a 26lb Kettlebell...
Posted on 2020-01-21
I’m teaching a fellow colleague @movementmanualphysio the Bottoms Up Kettlebell arm bar! This is a great exercise (along with several variations) for helping people with low back pain (the bell doesn’t need to be bottoms up) AND shoulder pain! Would you like to see a video of a few variations? Let me know! PS- there’s only 2 spots left in my Bulletproof Your Back Workshop on Jan 18, tag a friend who needs help with their back and you could win a FREE total body diagnostic s...
Posted on 2020-01-06
This is a great Kettlebell drill we taught the ladies @diablomultisport (Volume ON) that:Is an isometric contraction of the posterior chain in a hip hinge position. (Translation: Glutes and Hamstrings ON fire.) Isolation of scapular protraction/retraction against the load of the bell pulling through shoulders forward. (Translation: Strengthen your shoulders and improve your posture by resisting rolling your shoulders forward).It’s harder than it looks, so give it a shot and let us know ...
Posted on 2019-12-06
Workout Wednesday brought to you by our “Kettlebell Core & Flow Class” taught by @ironptmom! These ladies are swinging double kettlebells and killin’ it. Their workout today consisted of: ⭐️ Animal Flow/Ground Based warm up ⭐️ Turkish Get Ups x 3 each side ⭐️ 2 hand swings followed by 1 hand swing to Prep⭐️ Double KB swings x 10 EMOM x 5 rounds ⭐️ Lateral Lunge to Reverse Lunge to Curtsy Lunge using gliders + ...
Posted on 2019-07-01
It’s tenniselbow, neckpain overheadsquatsnatches crossfitHow do you measure up? We’d love to hear how it goes, post in comments or tag a friend who needs more shoulder mobility! shoulders triathlon triathletesphysicaltherapy danvilleca
Posted on 2019-03-29
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