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Are you Struggling? Maybe you’re injured 🤕 or have pain and you’re struggling to get back to the activities you love ❤️ to do? People think coming back from an injury or rehab is a linear progression. That each week should improve on the one previous. It’s not Linear. There are plateaus, dips/regressions and also progress. Just remember: ⭐️There’s never any progress without some struggle SO👉Find a way to “Get Up”. And kno...
Posted on 2019-02-11
Running is a series of small jumps from 1 leg to the other and you are never on both feet at the same time. So, why spend the majority of the time training with 2 feet on the ground? There are obvious benefits to doing exercises like squats and deadlifts but there's absolute GOLD in training Single leg and Split Stance exercises for Runners! If you are a beginner to strength training, body weight exercises are a good place to start but don't stop there! That's the mistake most runners make-they ...
Posted on 2018-12-07
Meet Nancy. She is > 60 years old and just won her age group at the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon with a time of 2:02. And she did it without foot pain (plantar fasciitis) or Achilles/calf pain that had been bugging her x 2 years before she came to see us! Nancy works hard, she shows up and is consistent. And she’s getting pretty darn good at swinging kettlebells. One of the reasons why Nancy has been so successful is because in addition to one on one PT, she's been training with Victoria ...
Posted on 2018-10-24
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