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Here’s a Test for your Shoulders!Maybe you’re coming off a shoulder injury and wanna go back to lifting weights overhead , doing pull ups, snatches, military press etc. and you’re not sure you’re ready?Or maybe you just wanna see how your shoulder mobility stacks up?Or maybe you’re in the middle of shoulder rehab, working with a physical therapist and you wanna see how close your left and right shoulders are in terms of symmetry?Test it! Does it hurt?...
Posted on 2020-03-30
This is what advanced pelvic floor rehab looks like in our office. It’s a great one for rehabbing from a run related injury as well: Standing clamshells!Why do this in standing as opposed to the way it’s traditionally prescribed on your side? Because running is 3-5x your bodyweight so you’re gonna need to eventually LOAD your body and that ain’t gonna happen laying down . So sidelying clamshells are a good start but shouldn’t be done forever- you need to move on.W...
Posted on 2020-02-18
@jgraygymnastics is now about 5 months postpartum and progressing nicely! This is an advanced version of deadbug exercise and is a killer abs workout! It may not look that hard but the harder you push into the wall, the more tension you’ll feel in your core.It’s important to: Keep the ribs down Spine neutral (don’t let your low back arch from the floor)Breathe (don’t hold breath or bear down into your pelvic floor) Only lower your leg down as low as you ...
Posted on 2020-02-15
Sunday Kettlebell Workout!5 cleans 4 push press3 front squats2 bent over rows 1 push up 10 snatches Farmer carry (>50% Bodyweight) x 30 sec-ishX 5 rounds total Kettlebell Core & Flow Class with @ironptmom every Thursday at 5:30pm! Wanna join and learn skills + workout at the same time? DM us to see if you’re a good fit or if you wanna join our next Kettlebell Foundations Beginner Workshop!
Posted on 2020-02-09
Does your shoulder hurt when you swim faster or increase your distance?Do you have pain or trouble doing full pushups overhead snatches, presses or pullups?Can’t take your or bra on/off without wincing or making a face?SO many people have shoulder pain and get diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear or tendinitis and wonder if they need to have surgery. What is the infamous rotator cuff? Check out this video of @ironptmom explaining where these 4 muscles are and what they do. V...
Posted on 2020-02-08
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