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This is what advanced pelvic floor rehab looks like in our office. It’s a great one for rehabbing from a run related injury as well: Standing clamshells!Why do this in standing as opposed to the way it’s traditionally prescribed on your side? Because running is 3-5x your bodyweight so you’re gonna need to eventually LOAD your body and that ain’t gonna happen laying down . So sidelying clamshells are a good start but shouldn’t be done forever- you need to move on.W...
Posted on 2020-02-18
Our client @jgraygymnastics is 3.5 months postpartum and is working hard to rehab her core and pelvic floor so she can get back to Olympic weight lifting the SMART way!She’s a really strong woman, a former competitive gymnast and is a crossfit gymnastics coach. Like many postpartum women , she was nervous and didn’t know what to do for her abs and pelvic floor so she avoided doing anything until she saw an expert in women’s health PT. But that PT didn’t unders...
Posted on 2020-01-25
Do you pee when you jump rope, do double unders, jump on a trampoline, run, cough, sneeze or lift weights?It’s really very common but normal! And you don’t have to resign yourself to wearing pads or changing your underwear! There are often simple things you can do to improve the peeing! Many women would benefit from having an assessment of their specific situation and learning strategies and/or exercises to stop peeing during activities.@ironptmom is demonstrating her attempt...
Posted on 2020-01-13
A study (cited at the bottom of this post) showed that over 90 percent of women who have chronic back pain, also had pelvic floor dysfunction. This is a chicken versus egg scenario; we don’t know if having pelvic floor issues leads to back pain, or does having back pain lead to pelvic floor issues? Because of the unknown correlation, both pelvic floor problems and lower back pain need to be addressed.  Signs of pelvic floor dysfunction include painful sex, leaking urine when runni...
Posted on 2020-01-07
Do you have back pain, Diastasis Recti, hernia or prolapseā“This video is an example of what we do in our Healthy Spine & Core Class. We monitor posture, breathing and workoutwednesday spinehealth poppilates #pilatesforrehab
Posted on 2019-05-17
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