Saturday Sweat with @ironptmom! @ironptmom is demonstrating an exercise progression we use on the pilates reformer to help rehab runners and other patients after having achilles tendonitis or achilles surgery.Note that in this one exercise, she’s working on several different things: 1) Core Control 2) Head/Neck and Shoulder Posture3) Glutes + Hamstrings = Posterior Chain4) Foot Ankle Strength = SoleusThis makes you miss Pilates doesn’t it? You’re in l...
Posted on 2020-05-23
This is what advanced pelvic floor rehab looks like in our office. It’s a great one for rehabbing from a run related injury as well: Standing clamshells!Why do this in standing as opposed to the way it’s traditionally prescribed on your side? Because running is 3-5x your bodyweight so you’re gonna need to eventually LOAD your body and that ain’t gonna happen laying down . So sidelying clamshells are a good start but shouldn’t be done forever- you need to move on.W...
Posted on 2020-02-18
Single leg squats is part of our assessment of this athlete with IT band syndrome and knee pain. Can you guess which knee hurts this athlete? You gotta watch the whole video.Background: He is a very strong masters athlete (over 40 years old), is mainly a cyclist who loves to mountain bike and hasn’t run consistently (ever). He decided to do the Spartan Beast in August (because he can and likes the idea of a challenge). The race included 13 miles of running up and dow...
Posted on 2019-12-20

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