IT Band syndrome (iliotibial band syndrome) is a very common issue among endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists and triathletes. It can be stubborn and debilitating enough to stop someone from running or cycling altogether! It typically shows up as pain on the outside of the athlete's knee (aka lateral knee pain). To illustrate how complicated IT Band syndrome can be to "fix", we're going to tell you about 3 different athletes who came to see us because they developed knee pain and f...
Posted on 2020-04-25
If you’re a runner and you tell us that you don’t have time to do strength training BUT you spend an hour in a Foam Rolling class, you’re gonna get an eye roll from us! We just feel that your training time would be best served elsewhere. Studies show that proper strength training can reduce oversue injuries by 50%!! Meanwhile, research does NOT support the idea that the foam rolling reduces injury risk at all! Victoria Liu (aka @ironptmom on Instagram) created our clinic&rsq...
Posted on 2020-04-12
Single leg squats is part of our assessment of this athlete with IT band syndrome and knee pain. Can you guess which knee hurts this athlete? You gotta watch the whole video.Background: He is a very strong masters athlete (over 40 years old), is mainly a cyclist who loves to mountain bike and hasn’t run consistently (ever). He decided to do the Spartan Beast in August (because he can and likes the idea of a challenge). The race included 13 miles of running up and dow...
Posted on 2019-12-20

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