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There are 4 muscles that form the shoulders rotatorcufftear notyouraveragept swimmers ironma… Bulletproof Shoulders at CrossFit San Ramon - Monday, May 6 at 7pm This 60 minute workshop includes self-assessment tests for your shoulder mobility + strength. You'll learn exercises you can immediately use to decrease pain and improve how your shoulders feel when doing overhead activities. If you want to do be able to swim, overhead squat, snatch, or do handstands or pull-ups without pain...
Posted on 2019-04-24
It’s tenniselbow, neckpain overheadsquatsnatches crossfitHow do you measure up? We’d love to hear how it goes, post in comments or tag a friend who needs more shoulder mobility! shoulders triathlon triathletesphysicaltherapy danvilleca
Posted on 2019-03-29
Static Stretching has gotten a bad reputation lately in regards to it’s usefulness for improving mobility. Are there better ways to improve mobility than just holding a stretch and waiting for it to release? Sure but just remember, ballet dancers, gymnasts and martial artists all do it and are pretty darn mobile. Now controlling that mobility is another matter for a different post! We prefer bulletproofrunnerrunstrong mobility hipmobilityflow yogaforrunners triathl...
Posted on 2019-03-06
Congrats to @ironptmom and all the runners ðŸƒ at bulletproofrunner runners marathonlivermorevalleyhalf bulletproofyourbody #50k
Posted on 2019-03-04
When you go out for a Lululemon fun run ðŸƒ‍♀️ with your friend Katie Parr (Lululemon ambassador & certified badass ironwoman ðŸ’ª) you just can’t help but “work” a little ðŸ˜‚ She asked me for my favorite hamstring stretch so check it out: volume on ðŸ”‰! When a lululemonambassador go running ðŸƒ‍♀️, it’s always a good time ðŸ˜€See y’all at the Livermore Half marathon next weeken...
Posted on 2019-02-27
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