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Bulletproof Runner Program

Did you know that 82% of runners sustain a running injury in their lifetime?! Now that we’ve all been quarantined, many are either taking up running or increasing their mileage. Would you like to avoid being a statistic? Our run expert and certified physical therapist, Victoria Liu has created a video guide to help you run strong and healthy!

With this program, you'll measure posture, alignment, mobility, strength and core stability necessary to run well, efficiently and for longevity. You'll be able to assess yourself and know where you stand on the mobility and strength needed to run strong and injury-free. Learn how our patients and clients continue to run half marathon and full marathon distances even when they’re 65+ years old, even one that’s 80 years old!

The Bulletproof Runner Video Guide Program guides you through multiple tests to see: 1) how likely you are to get injured and 2) how you can improve your run performance. 

This program is only $25 and we will be donating a whopping 20% of proceed to the non-profit organization, Girls on the Run.

Girls on the Run is a life-changing program for 8-13 year old girls that promotes girl empowerment by teaching life skills through lessons and running. 

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