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Core & Pelvic Floor Reboot Program

Have you been working out and doing sit-ups or crunches but your tummy is still not flat after giving birth? Whether you're recently postpartum or it's been years since you gave birth, you can still work on your diastasis recti (separation of abs). Maybe you're unsure if you even have one. The Core & Pelvic Floor Reboot Camp program can help you find out and teach you how to exercise safely and effectively to get rid of your "mummy tummy."


Victoria has been teaching the Core & Pelvic Floor Reboot Camp workshop for years and recently decided to create an at home program.

What is in the program:

 1) Define and discusswhat good core control                 2) Learn how to do a self Diastasis Recti   screening/measurement
 3) Learn exercises to immediately improve your core function
 4) Learn why mommy boot camps, planks and crunches   may not be  good for you and what you should do   instead
 5) Teach you strategies to help alleviate peeing when  exercising

$50 for this at home program! (This a steal because the value of this program is worth at least $200.)