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What services do you offer?

At Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates Inc., we provide the following:

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment
  • Manual Therapy: Soft tissue massage, Joint mobilization, Active Release Technique(ART), Myofascial Release, IASTM utilizing The Edge Tool (similar to Graston), Myofascial Decompression/Cupping
  • Pilates, Kettlebells and TRX personal training, duet and small group training (2-3 people)
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Assessment and Prevention
  • Running Gait Analysis and Re-training
  • Restore Your Core after Pregnancy & Childbirth Workshop
  • The Bulletproof Runner Workshop

How long is each session?

30-55 minutes, depending on the complexity of your problem(s). 30 min sessions are generally planned for our seasoned patients who requiring minimal “tune-ups”. While our 55-60 minutes sessions are built around new clients or clients who require a more in depth training plan. Our objective is to utilize the time you have productively, to meet your goals. 

How many times do I need to see my physical therapist and how often do I need to come in for treatment?

The typical patient at our practice only needs 1 visit per week and makes noticeable improvement in their condition by the 3rd to 5th visit. However, many people seek our care when they've been unsuccessful with other PTs, chiropractors and massage therapists and need more comprehensive care- these patients often need more ongoing care or have complicated issues or mutliple areas of pain and often choose our 10 session package. After the 1st initial evaluation and treatment session, your therapist will make a recommendation and then you and your therapist will discuss the "plan of care" since this is a partnership.

Many patients become “wellness” clients after they see how continuing to work with Pilates, TRX, strength training and mobility help enhance their lives and their performance through the world of fitness. Some examples of the clients we work with participate in sports such as: golf, triathlon, cycling, running, tennis and martial arts. 

Do you accept my insurance?

We offer something very different from your average Physical Therapy practice. In order to provide a higher level of quality care and to provide you an hour of our undivided attention (so you get better faster and in less visits!) we have opted out of working with insurance companies. So we are Out-of-Network by choice. Although we don't bill your insurance company directly on your behalf, we provide you everything you need to get reimbursed by your insurance. Getting reimbursed is as simple as filling out a one page form and attaching our "superbill" with all the necessary codes. Please contact your insurance company or logon to their website to find out "how to file a claim". And because we spend an hour of our undivided attention dedicated to you, it is generally more time efficient and cost effective to choose us rather than going to a "factory or mill" type of practice that "takes your insurance". This is especially true if you have a high-deductible plan or have a copay of $30 or more!. You can also use pre-tax dollars by paying with a Flexible Spending Account/Health Savings Account (FSA/HSA) for even more savings. 

How are you different from the other PT's and chiropractors I've been to? What are you going to do differently?

In your evaluation, we find what deficits and performance “limiters” you have and look at the body as a whole, not just the parts that hurt or don’t work well. This is how Ironhorse PT and Pilates is different from many other PT, chiropractic and massage therapists. Most places will just work on the area that hurts, and while this usually will give you some relief, it’s usually temporary. The body is inextricably linked and what happens in one part effects the other parts: when you throw a rock in the middle of a pond, it sends ripples outward. How far the ripples travel depends on the force at which the rock is thrown. So an injury occurring at your hip may have consequences for your knee, back and even your neck! 

What are your rates?

Click here to Inquire about Cost and Availability

What should I wear to my appointments?

You should dress in comfortable clothing that you can move in and also exposes the area to be treated (i.e. shorts or workout pants that can be pulled up above the knees or tank top/sports bra for women to expose shoulder). Tight jeans or dress clothes will restrict movement and are therefore not recommended.

Where are you located and how do I get there?

We are located at 111 Deerwood Rd., ste 220 in San Ramon. Google and GPS will sometimes take you the wrong way so please follow these Directions: From 680 Freeway, take Crow Canyon Exit. Head West towards Home Depot on Crow Canyon Rd. Approximately 1-2 blocks past Home Depot is Deerwood Rd. Take a Right on Deerwood Rd and then an IMMEDIATE Left turn into the 1st parking lot. Our office is the large mirrored building right off Crow Canyon Rd.  

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