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The Bulletproof Runner Series

The Bulletproof Runner 1 day workshop: This 1.5 hour workshop includes Videotape Anaylsis of your Running form and an assessment of your capacity to withstand the high loads that can be generated during running. We measure your posture, alignment, mobility, strength and core stability with several assessment test. Taught by a licensed physical Therapist with over 17 years of treating injured runners (and is a runner herself!).

The Bulletproof Runner's Strength & Mobility Series: 6 weeks of Run-Specific Strength & Mobility Training to Improve your Run Performance and Decrease Injury Risk. We will use a unique blend of Kettlebells, TRX, pilates, & yoga for a well-rounded program to improve your run! Starts Jan 15, 2019 and meets consecutive Tuesays through Feb. 19) for a total of 6 classes. Class starts @5:30pm at our office in San Ramon. A single private session the Owner/Head PT Victoria Liu is valued at $250-$275, so this a GREAT deal as you get 6 sessions for the price of 1! This series is taught by licensed Physical Therapist, certified Pilates and Kettlebell Instructor, and owner of the practice, Victoria Liu. Sign up HERE. 

For those who are unable to join in-person, we are offering an ONLINE version! You will be added to our private Facebook group- The Bulletproof Runner-Inner Circle where you can ask questions and get access to the PDF file for the workouts each week. We will also send the exercise videos to your email! You can sign up HERE. 

For more information, go to www.thebulletproofrunner.com

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