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Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot after Pregnancy & Birth

Do you feel like you haven't recovered your core strength since giving birth (even if it was years ago)? Do you get achy in your neck, shoulders or Lower back especially when caring for your kid(s)? Are you frustrated by the appearance and function of your post-partum belly but don't know how to train effectively? Have you been diagnosed with diastasis recti aka "mummy tummy"? Diastasis Recti is often a combination of poor breathing patterns, muscle imbalances, and postural tendencies. While pregnancy is a contributing factor to Diastasis Recti it can also be a symptom of a greater whole body imbalance.  We offer a 1-day 75 min workshop as well as a 6-week 55 min session package to address these issues:

**NEW Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp workshop**

Sunday, September 22 at 12pm -1:30pm - The Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Workshop is for both men and women. This class will be co-hosted by Chris Engen, Nutrition Consultant, who will teach strategies you probably haven't heard of! The hands-on 90 minute class is limited to a small # of participants to ensure a highly personalized 1:1 experience.

Workshop Includes:

1) Define and discuss what good core control is
2) All participants will have a Diastasis Recti screening/measurement (men get this too!)
3) Learn exercises to immediately improve your core and pelvic floor function - Leaking pee while jumping, running, coughing or sneezing is common but NOT normal!
4) Learn why mommy boot camps, planks and crunches may not be the best workout for you and what you should do instead.
5) Teach you strategies for nutrition to reach your summer body goals.

No cancellations or refunds however, you may transfer your registration to another person if you can't make it. Click HERE to book your spot! They fill up quickly!

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE - $99 until 9/9/19!

Price goes up to $125 on 9/9/19.

1-day workshop:

This 75 minutes workshop teaches you how to restore your core and avoid the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and childbirth. We will assess for and measure diastasis recti (separation of the abs aka “mummy tummy”), teach you what exercises you should avoid/what can worsen a diastasis (crunches, situps and planks), and then give you alternative exercises to improve the tone, strength and appearance of your abdomen and core. Offered 2-3x/year. 

 Core & Pelvic Floor reBoot Camp (6 week series):

A more in-depth and progressive class to learn how to strengthen and restore your core the right way!. You will learn exercises, tools and tips to restore your core, improve your posture as well as proper lifting mechanics. The class is limited to 5 participants to ensure personalized, individual attention.  If you have a Diastasis Recti, we will monitor the separation each week.

Over the course of the 6 week, one hour sessions, we will be concentrating on breathing, core and pelvic floor concepts through a progression of exercises where we will be monitoring and measuring the diastasis. We may use Pilates equipment, mat exercises, kettlebells and TRX depending on the needs of each participant. Each class builds on the next so we don't allow drop-ins and you must commit to all 6 classes-in our experience, consistency is the best way to achieve results.

This 55 min class runs 6 weeks consecutively unless specified otherwise. No make-ups for missed classes, each week progresses from the previous week. No cancellations or refunds however, you may transfer your registration to another person if you can't make it. Space is limited and books up quickly!

Check back for next workshop!

Email vliu@ironhorsept.com to be added to our Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Series emailing list, and fix your Diastasis Recti today!

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