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Virtual Bulletproof Runner: Run Injury Risk Assessment and Performance Test Workshop

In this workshop: 

1) You’ll have a Run expert assess your capacity to withstand the high impact loads that are generated during running
2) Learn the 5 KEY  exercises every runner should be doing! 
3) Check your posture, alignment, mobility, strength and core stability necessary to run well, efficiently and for longevity 
4) Learn how our patients and clients continue to run half marathon and full marathon distances even when they’re 65+ years old, even one that’s 80 years old ! 

May 3 at 1PM

Cost: $25


Virtual Core & Pelvic Floor Reboot Camp: Diastasis Fix

In this 60 minute workshop, You woll:

1) Learn how to check yourself for a diastasis recti aka ab separation

2) Learn exercises and tips that you can work on at home to help heal or "fix" your diastasis recti.

Since your registration reseves a spot in the class, we are unable to offer refunds if you need to miss the live workshop. However, the workshop will be recorded so if you miss the class, a recording will be sent upon request.

May 9 at 3pm

Cost: $50


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