Pilates Class Schedule

Due to COVID-19, we will not be having classes in the office at this time. We are working on how our program will look like when we resume in-person classes. Stay tuned for more information.

We are offering virtual classes with Alli twice a week which is recorded and emailed to all participants.

Thursday at 5:00pm

Saturday at 10:00am

If you would like to try a class click on this link:

Wednesday: 11:00am "Pilates Trio", 1:00pm "Pilates Trio"

Thursday: 3:00pm "IronFit Crew Class"

Friday: 1:00pm "Pilates Trio", 2pm "Pilates Trio"

We also offer these classes as a series: Beginning Kettlebell Training & Kettlebell Core & Flow. Check out class times here.

Classes (semi-private sessions) will be added upon request, check back often or contact us to inquire!

Click on the links below to book a class!

Weekly Class Schedule
__Monday__ ___Tuesday__ Wednesday __Thursday__ ____Friday___
11AM Pilates Trio Class
1PM Pilates Trio Class Pilates Trio Class
2:00PM Pilates Trio Class
3:00PM IronFit Class
5:30PM Kettlebell Core & Flow Class

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