5 Things That Don't Work For Tendon Injuries

We’re sharing this from a fellow running Physio/Physical Therapy colleague @brad_beer who does great work. Although we generally agree with his statement here, there are times we’ve seen passive treatments like massage therapy help. For example, in some of our patients withAchilles tendinopathy, soft tissue mobilization to the calf muscles can make loading the tendon more comfortable. Is it placebo? Maybe, but who cares if the patient feels better? Anyway, it’s great to have open dialogue with each other to benefit runners and patients! Repost from @brad_beer using @RepostRegramApp - [TENDON TUESDAY] 5 THINGS TO AVOID WITH TENDINOPATHY.
Avoid these things when rehabilitating your running related lower limb tendinopathy/
TAKE HOME: only active approaches which restore the affected tendon’s capacity to absorb and release energy i.e. for the tendon to act like a spring (that is with progressive & heavy loaded exercise) will ultimately rehabilitate your tendon. Passive ‘hands on’ approaches such as those highlighted in this infographic will not restore the energy storage capacity of the tendon & are therefore best avoided.