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Ab Workout For Increasing Hip and Pelvic Floor Strength!

Here’s a good one for increasing hip mobility AND hip strength as well as pelvic floor strength! ⠀

Do you sit all day and need some relief from the tension in your lower back or hips? Got tight hip flexors? Give this a try! A Kettlebell is not necessary but it’s nice to have. ⠀

Victoria is demonstrating an exercise that increases pelvic floor muscle activation while also getting the glutes to fire AND lengthening the hip flexors/quads all at the same time. Pressing the soles of the feet together increase PF activity on EMG (according to research done by urologynecologist Bruce Crawford - creator of @pfilates) ⠀

Pelvic floor muscles really never work in isolation so just doing your kegels isn’t really the solution to leaking or peeing on yourself! Strengthening with pelvic floor exercises is also NOT the solution for everyone. Some people actually need to learn to relax and let go of some tension. ⠀

This is one of the core exercises we’ll be covering in Victoria's Virtual Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp Workshop coming up in August. Contact us!