Advanced Plank Variation for Shoulders and Core

Who doesn’t love a good plank? If you do it properly, it’s just an awesome core and shoulder workout!

Check out the video of @ironptmom demonstrating some advanced plank variations (she will be progressing eventually to a one arm push up, not this video). NOTE how long she takes to setup in between each repetition! The Devil is always in the details. There is nearly no movement when she transfers her weight from one arm to the other and when she basically does a bird dog from this plank position (lifts 1 arm and 1 leg at the same time). That’s super hard!

There are definitely ways to scale this to make it more accessible to folks who aren’t quite as strong (yet). We will do a scaled version of this in our Kettlebell Core & Flow Class held on Thursdays @5:30pm every week (except Halloween) this month.

IronFit Crew (our class for active people over 70 years old) will also do a scaled version, class is held on Thursdays at 2pm.