Ankle Mobility cause of Knee Pain

💯% of the time, when you’re a client with knee pain, we 👀 look at your foot/ankle AND your hips❗️The Knee joint is a “slave” to the joints above and below- it follows what they do. SO, if you have an ankle mobility issue (like the client in the pic above 👆), it’s going to affect your Knee. ❇️See how his right heel comes up off the floor❓He swore up + down that he felt NO difference between his Right calf/ankle and Left when he stretches them. When he rolled his calves, his Left one was actually more tender. But when Victoria assessed him- and actually showed him how the Right calf was actually “short” and “stiffer” from previous ACL surgery, he could feel the difference and it was a big “Ah hah” moment for him ❇️Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know 🤷‍♀️ and that’s why you should come see us to help you figure it out❗️

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