Anti-Extension/Rotation Core Exercise

This is a great exercise to strengthen your core- as long as 1) you don’t allow your back to arch up off the floor when you bring the Kettlebell over your head (⭐️anti-extension: the Kettlebell makes you want to arch and you have to use your abs to prevent that from happening) and 2) You keep your spine from rotating when you lower 1 leg at a time (⭐️anti-rotation: when you lower the Right leg, your pelvis wants to rotate to the Right and you have to prevent that from happening). ❇️Our Client CC here is working hard 😓and killing it❗️Her goal is to get to single arm swings and SL deadlifts without back issues so we’re starting her from the ground and progressing her up 👍⚠️Warning:This is a pretty advanced exercise so try at your own risk! #coreworkout #coreexercises #corestability #kettlbells #rehab#physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #sanramon #danville #posthardcore#antiextension #antirotation #backpainexercises #lowbackpain