Overhead Squats: Back and Hip pain Case Study

Yesterday we posted a video for #anklesprain. So what does this Before & After picture have to do with that? 👉This athlete came to us for Low Back Pain. He’d been seeing a chiropractor for months but was frustrated by the fact that his back would flare up every time he tried to lift heavier despite regular visits. And generally, it was getting worse as the years went on. ⭐️During his evaluation, we also discovered L hip impingement/FAI and restricted L ankle mobility. ⭐️What do you think @Victoria treated in order to get this improved OH squat depth? His L Ankle. And his Hip. The Back Pain resolved after that. Actually, we hypothesize that his L hip impingement/FAI was caused by an OLD ankle sprain (which was totally pain free). 👉He had NO idea his ankle was still a thing. That’s why we Assess and Don’t Guess❗️Which brings us to another point: you should always try to fully rehab any injury even when it doesn’t hurt anymore 👉seek out a really good health professional who can test you and make the invisible, visible. You don’t know what you don’t know 🤷‍♀️ ⭐️This athlete is now working on overhead squats, cleans and snatch technique with Dr. Ben who is a USAW certified weightlifting 🏋️‍♀️ coach. We have something for every athlete for every stage of their rehab and then bridge the gap to performance 💥 PS- this is not a post to hate on chiros, we have many esteemed and respected chiros that we collaborate with regularly. His chiro did help his back get out of pain after every flare up without relying on drugs or injections so that’s a huge benefit❗️ Teamwork❗️#snatches #olympiclifting #overheadsquats #squats #mobility #hipimpingement#FAI #anklemobility #anklesprain #hipmobility #crossfit#asssessdontguess #weightlifting #rehab #PhysicalTherapy#physiotherapy #physioswholift #cleans #snatch #lowbackpain