Back and Shoulders Feel Tight? Try This Stretch

This is a 360 degree “stretch” for your “LATS” or Latissimus Dorsi muscle. BUT Really it’s moving your whole lateral line (all of the muscle and fascia on the side of your body from your arm down to your foot) and it feels delicious 😋 ❗️ Victoria Liu is pushing the bar/pole with her Left arm to deepen the stretch to her Right side. By rotating her body forward and back while maintaining traction/pull with the Right arm, she can get different areas to move and “stretch”. If you have a #pilates rotator disc to stand on to facilitate the rotation, even better❗️Also wanna call your attention to how much of your back is covered by your Lats- it goes from your arm all the way down to your spine. 👉So sometimes when a patient comes to see us for shoulder pain, we end up treating the spine and vice versa. ⭐️ When was the last time you went to see your health care practitioner for #lowbackpain and they worked on your shoulder❓and then.....the Back Pain got better or disappear 💥 #lats#shouldermobility #anatomytrains#fasciallines #stretching #pilates