Back pain? Try the mermaid!

This before and after photo was taken of our client just one month apart! The face says it all, but we've drawn some arrows to show you the height difference of his shoulder and hips.

This position is called the "mermaid" in pilates, or 90/90, and shin box in cross fit. It is a good barometer of your hip mobility, which is also related to low back pain. 

This client was referred to us from a personal trainer at Equinox for his back pain. The pain was limiting his ability to workout and play soccer. The results are subtle, but significant after just one month! He has had back pain on and off for two years, and now reports 50 to 60 percent improvement over the past month. He wasn't sure if his hip mobility improved much, but this picture is worth a thousand words! Sometimes rehab can take longer than you want or expect, but stay the course because consistency is key to making progress. 

Need some help with taking care of your back? How does your mermaid or 90/90 hip position look?


In this 90 min class, you'll learn about:
1) Your spine and common causes of back pain.
2) Hip & Spine Mobility self assessment tests
3) Movement assessment (how you squat, bend, lift)
4) Corrective Exercises that can help you alleviate the pain.
5) Pain relief that doesn't involve surgery, injections, or medication.

**not appropriate for people in severe, acute pain or have pain at rest (inactivity)

 We only have ONE SPOT LEFT! Cost is $125.