Bulgarian Bag & ELDOA Workshop

If this video of @mike.salemi swinging the Bulgarian Bag around doesn’t motivate you, we’re not sure anything will!
We’re hosting a special workshop for our team here at Ironhorse PT and would like to extend the invite to any personal trainers, chiropractors, physical therapist who want to explore new movement.

The Bulgarian Bag is one of the newest and most powerful tools perfect to take your conditioning level to new heights. Developed by Former US Olympic Wrestling Coach Ivan Ivanov, the Bulgarian Bag was first designed to train members of the US National Team. Since its creation it has been gaining much notoriety in the fitness world for being a tool that helps develop better movers and more functional athletes.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the basic elements of how to use the Bulgarian Bag safely, be taken through signature dynamic movements, as well as go through a group workout. The training will focus on total body conditioning utilizing movements that have transfer into many work and sport activities.

Following training with the Bulgarian Bag, the session will conclude with a revolutionary recovery modality, the ELDOA. The ELDOA method and postures were developed by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer and have excellent application in both the rehab setting as well as performance realm. The focus here will be on utilizing highly specific stretches to actively build length and strength in the body in order to increase the space of specific joints and normalize tensions in the body. The end result is improved joint mechanics, improved circulation, a reduction of pain, reduced pressure on discs, and increased overall well being.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contacts us!