Bulgarian Bag and ELDOA Mobility Workout

The Bulgarian Bag is a great tool and really fun! We are grateful to have hosted @mike.salemi for our intimate 2 hr workshop on this tool as well as the recovery and active mobility technique called ELDOA. Notice this video is speeded up 1.5x 

This type of training emphasizes a few things above what kettlebell offers and is the perfect complement to kettlebell training.
Emphasis on ROTATION. Who doesn’t need strength and control in the rotation? This is SO perfect for rotational athletes: golfers, martial artists, jiujitsu, tennis players, pitchers, throwers, and judo. 
Emphasis on Lateral Weight shift and transfer of power: Kettlebell swings for example transfer power from the hips on the backswing, loading posterior chain (glutes/hamstrings/back) to your hands to get the bell to float in front of you. So it’s Back to Front typically (although it may be a bit different when you start adding KB juggling) The Bag transfers the power from your hips in a lateral (side to side) and rotational direction and is much easier to flip around your head without giving yourself a concussion. 
They both work the hell out of your grip! See our previous posts on the correlation of grip strength to shoulder strength and mortality. 
Stay Tuned for a follow-up post on ELDOA! Because Train hard but recover harder. 
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