Week 1: Bulletproof Runner's Strength and Mobility

Week 1 of our Bulletproof Runners 🏃‍♀️ Strength &Mobility Series: Feet!🦶 
❇️ They’re the 1st thing to hit the ground so what happens at the Feet transfers up the kinetic chain which means that issues like IT band friction syndrome and back pain can be traced to what happens (or doesn’t happen) at the feet❗️
❇️Scroll down to see a photo of a client with Hamstring problems in her R side but an old ankle surgery on her L. See 👀 how her L ankle rolls out (aka sickles in Pilates/dance terms). The ankle is totally pain-free but much weaker than her R. She never noticed it until she came into see us for an evaluation and we pointed it out to her. So what does her body have to do in order to compensate for this ankle weakness? That’s where the fun is- the detective work to figure it out 😀
❇️Scroll down further to see how we got her to keep her foot centered (by using a Franklin ball) and cuing her to maintain weight under her 1st/big toe. What does this do? Well, it makes her fire 🔥 her peroneus longus and Flexor Hallucis muscles 💪 aka foot intrinsic and extrinsic muscles. 
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