Bulletproof Your Run with Kettlebell Training

One of the biggest mistakes we see Runners make is that they only strength train using their body weight. ❇️In our previous posts, we discussed how running demands forces 3 to 5 times your bodyweight❗️❇️Therefore it’s only logical to add LOAD to your strength program ❇️We love adding that load in the form of Kettlebells because of their versatility: you can accomplish several things with 1 movement/exercise ❇️In this Video of Week 3 into our Bulletproof Runner’s Strength & Mobility Series, Victoria is demonstrating a reverse lunge while holding a KB on 1 side in a front rack hold. ❇️This challenges her shoulder on her Left side + her “core” on her RIGHT❇️This asymmetric front rack hold with the KB can also be used with step-ups, rear foot elevated split squats (RFESS) or any other split stance or single leg exercise. 👉Wanna learn how to train smart and effectively with Kettlebells? We have 1 spot that just opened up in our Kettlebell Core & Flow class❗️Call us if you wanna get on the list. #kettlebells #lunges #splitsquats #kettlebellsforrehab #kettlebelltraining#runners #marathontraining #runinjuries #thebulletproofrunner #RFESS