C-Section Scars and Back Pain

Here’s a snippet from our Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp Workshop: Victoria Liu is assessing the 3 layers of this client’s C-section Scar. The video skips the 2nd layer for brevity but that actually reproduced Back Pain! Clinically, we sometimes see a direct correlation between the scar and back pain and other times, it’s indirect. For example, we had another client who had significant tension throughout the entire front side of her Left Leg. That Quadriceps muscle (aka front of thigh) was much tighter than her right and could be traced back to her C-section scar. That was the leg she had sciatica and mobilizing her scar reduced her leg pain/sciatica! Back to this client: the Left side of her scar and surrounding tissues feel significantly different than the Right side and when she tells the story about how she got an infection with the 1st C-section and the 2nd didn’t close as quickly, you might understand why. So the point is that Scars matter #csection #scars #postpartumbody#diastasisrecti #csectionscars #postnatalfitness #backpain #sciatica