Client Spotlight: RP

This is our client RP who is 68 years young. She is as chipper and energetic as people half her age and what’s she’s just accomplished is pretty darn amazing. RP fell skiing earlier this year and there was some speculation as to whether she re-tore her ACL reconstruction (she had surgery on it 20 years ago) and if there was a fracture, but it all worked out! She had a goal, committed to the plan we put together for her and executed beautifully. “We did 200 miles with lots of daily elevation gains and losses. 16 days hiking with one test day after the toughest 10 days. We did the Camino Primitivo from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela. My knee did great. Occasionally a little stiff but each day’s climbs made me feel stronger. I’m stoked about our success and it was gorgeous”. Well Done RP!