Copenhagen Side Plank

Copenhagen Side Plank!

Lots of people see cool exercises and try to mimic them....but how many actually understand what they’re trying to accomplish or what muscles they’re trying to target?Anterior Oblique Sling: @ironptmom is demonstrating how to work her Right adductor (which attaches to the pelvic floor) simultaneously with the Left Obliques. This requires a pretty strong contraction of your inner thighs (adductors) and *may* not be appropriate for women with a hypertonic (too tight) pelvic floor, or those with a more recent pubic symphysis separation or recently gave birth. This is also awesome shoulder stability and strength work! Our bodies often work in these diagonals so why stick to just regular front facing planks?⠀

Head to our Youtube Channel if you would like to hear @ironptmom teaching the personal trainers at @equinox San Ramon about this version of sideplank and 1 way to scale it or make it easier. ⠀