Core and Shoulder Mobility with Kettlebell

**New: Kettlebells + Mobility = Kettlebility 101. When you go to your PT/Physio/Chiro for your shoulder problem, do they look at how your spine and ribcage work together with your shoulder? Or do they just give you theraband exercises? See that huge muscle we’ve highlighted is called your Latissimus Dorsi aka “Lats” and it is a direct connection from your shoulder to your spine. We’re oversimplifying things a bit but you get the 💡. We teach these “Kettlebell Halos” in our Kettlebell Core & Flow classes because you work on your core stability while improving your shoulder mobility. Our next session starts in October and we’re adding a beginner level class: Kettlebells + Mobility =Kettlebility 101. Call our office at 925-222-5446 to sign up or to learn more!