Core and Shoulder Workout With TRX!

We believe that movement should start from the core or the center of your body 1st. So this is a great exercise for BOTH your shoulders and your core! The Single arm plank or push up!

Doing this on the floor is very challenging to do correctly (go to @ironptmom ‘s page to see that version). In this video, she’s demonstrating an easier and more accessible version using @trxtraining strap

Doing a one arm plank makes you want to rotate your body so your abs have to turn on to stop that from happening. Antirotation.
Think oblique muscles (your side abs) and the small stabilizing muscles in your lower back (multifidi).

This video was a snippet taken from our Bulletproof Shoulder Workshop @kaiafit over the weekend. We were discussing how to avoid overusing your stronger arm when doing bilateral exercises ie. barbell bench press, push ups, planks.
This is also a nice regression (easier version) for doing push-ups and planks when your abs are still recovering from childbirth, any type of abdominal surgery or if you’re just getting back into fitness or working out.

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