Diastasis Recti and Hernia

The client in this video is actually an OB/GYN doctor who came to see us for a consult on her #diastasisrecti and #hernia, and gave us permission to post this for educational purposes.

She’s been exercising and running but unhappy with how her abdomen looks despite all the work she’s been putting in.

She’s been working out with a local “boot camp” gym but the #personaltrainers there really aren’t knowledgeable about these #womenshealth issues and really didn’t scale or modify the exercises for her. .

As a result, she’s been doing #crunches, leg lowers, #planks , flutter kicks etc. which we feel are all too advanced for her at this stage (based on this video).

You can see her belly button go down towards her pelvis and her abdomen “puff out” instead of staying flat. She holds her breath and arches her back slightly when @ironptmom asks her to lift her legs (one at a time ) with a bent knee position. This is happening with a basic bent knee leg lift so you can imagine what might be happening when she does more advanced exercises in her boot camp class!

Her Diastasis or ab separation really isn’t bad: when we evaluated her, she had a 2 finger gap and there was decent tension across the fascia in the center of her #abs.
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