Double Leg Lowers Postpartum!

@jgraygymnastics doing her core rehab exercises ~4 months postpartum!

Head to our Youtube if you wanna hear the cues....the breathing and timing of her pelvic floor is important here. The diaphragm is a core muscle and plays a major role in regulating intra-abdominal pressure (translation: DON’T hold your breath or the pressure in your stomach will likely push down into your pelvic floor or out through the belly)

Since doming or pushing the belly out is generally not what we want if someone has a hernia or diastasis recti, we’d want to make sure that our clients aren’t doing that!

@jgraygymnastics is doing a great job demonstrating good form with this scaled “double leg lowers” using a band to assist. Most women at 4 months postpartum would NOT be able to do these without compensation. In fact, many women we see at gyms doing fitness classes like barre and pilates can’t do these very well so please don’t feel bad if your abs don’t look like hers!

Her fitness starting point as a gymnast and crossfit coach means her exercises should be advanced enough to challenge her.

We think it’s crazy that a woman who previously did Ironman triathlons before baby and a woman who only walked for exercise would be given the same exercises or workouts postpartum. Those 2 people should have very different exercise prescriptions after the 1st few weeks after giving birth.

Their birth experiences also matter in their workout programming. That’s why we ask questions about tearing, episiotomy, C-section, vacuum or forceps delivery. Because ALL of that matters in the mother’s recovery.

It’s time we treat pregnancy and birth like a sports injury! Because essentially, that’s what it is for the muscles involved in that process of growing a human and then giving birth. 

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