Foot Ankle Strengthening with Toe-Pro

After the posts we did on Orthotics, you asked for some foot strengthening exercises so here’s 1 we got from our friends in our nerdy running 🏃‍♀️ group @The Runner’s Zone. ❇️Actively Press the toes (especially your big toe) into the Toe Pro while you lift your heels as high as you can ❇️The slanted shape and curved surface makes you work your toes without “gripping” them and creating “hammer toes” (no bueno). ❇️There’s a whole sequence of exercises with this gizmo but you get the point with this short video.❇️How high can you lift your heels? How many can you do on 1 leg? 👉For our runners 🏃‍♀️, we’d like to see 20-30 good, CLEAN reps. No “sickling” (rolling your ankle out or inversion for our rehab professional followers). #runners #toepro #marathon #feet #happyfeet #strongfeet#orthotics #barefoot #physicaltherapy#sanramon #triathlon