Global Running Day: The Curtsy Lunge

Celebrating Global Running Day with a great hip/knee control exercise for Runners that gets the glutes to fire: The Curtsy Lunge with a slider. You have 3 Glute muscles: The Gluteus Maximus, Minimus and Medius. This hits ALL of them with a bit more activation of Medius than a traditional split squat or lunge. This is a great exercise to help re-train runners who tend to drop their hip and collapse their knee into valgus. We are big on single leg control for runners and teach stuff like this in our bulletproof runner program that Victoria created. Wanna learn more ways to help your running? Sign up for our FREE Run Tips! PS- our leader Victoria is a Mermaid Run Ambassador, a group that hosts running and triathlon events to empower women and encourage young girls to be active. She will be running and assisting the race in San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge on October 20 and organizing a small training group late summer. If you’d like to join us, sign up for the race and save 10% by using her code “VICTORIA10” ( all caps).