Glute Exercise Tip for Runners

Tip Tuesday for Runners trying to get your Gluteus Medius to do more of the work than your TFL (tensor fascia latae) or IT Band.

When you do these leg lifts, do you always feel it in your thigh or front of your hip instead of your backside? Here are 2 ways to get more glutes to fire from this sidelying hip exercise!

The 1st one @ironptmom is demonstrating uses the wall as an external cue. Go to comments for a version that we learned from our colleague RunningPhysio during a webinar he taught for therapists treating lateral hip pain (pain on the side of your hip). Great idea to use a foam roller as a prop to avoid touching.

Have hip pain or IT band problems or trochanteric bursitis or hip bursitis? Let a friend know who needs this to help them out!

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