Got Chronic Lower Back Pain?

A study (cited at the bottom of this post) showed that over 90 percent of women who have chronic back pain, also had pelvic floor dysfunction.

This is a chicken versus egg scenario; we don’t know if having pelvic floor issues leads to back pain, or does having back pain lead to pelvic floor issues? Because of the unknown correlation, both pelvic floor problems and lower back pain need to be addressed. 

Signs of pelvic floor dysfunction include painful sex, leaking urine when running, coughing, or sneezing, and feeling pressure or heaviness in your pelvis. If you are experiencing any symptoms, with the combination of lower back pain, we are here to help!

If you are having Pelvic Floor Issues or Low Back Pain, join our Core and Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp Workshop in February to get started on fixing your problem!

All participants will have a Diastasis Recti screening and measurement. This workshop defines and discusses what good core control is, as well as teaching exercises to immediately improve your core function. We discuss why mommy boot camps, planks, and crunches are not beneficial to you, and what you should do instead. We also teach you strategies that are nutrition based, so you can reach your personal body goals! 

Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp - February 10, 5:30pm-7:00pm

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*Price increases to $125 on January 22

SOURCE:Dufour s., Vandyken B., Forget M.J., Vandyken C. (2018) Association between lumbopelvic pain and pelvic flood dysfunction in women: A cross sectional study. Musculoseletal Science and Practice, 34, 47-53.