Guideline #1 for Return to Exercise & Running After Giving Birth: See a Pelvic Floor PT

The 1st of our Guidelines for Return to Fitness & Running 🏃‍♀️ for the Post-Partum Mom (many of these will apply to you whether you’re newly post-partum or if you had your kid 30+years ago❗️)

👉Why is this important? Because pregnancy and childbirth are “traumatic”events to your body and A LOT of changes occur both during and after. This is particularly important if you’ve had tearing or an episiotomy but also if you delivered by Cesarian section. It’s a misconception that only women with vaginal births experience pelvic floor issues. A Pelvic floor/women’s health physical therapist will check you for things like diastases (ab separation) and prolapse and help you with things like: painful sex, peeing when you run, jump,cough,sneeze,exercise/lift weights. 👉The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and needs to be rehabbed after being stressed for 9 months while pregnant 🤰 and then again during birth❗️

Here at Ironhorse PT & Pilates, we specialize in women's health issues like the ones mentioned above. We can help guide you back to working out, doing Crossfit, jumping rope and running the SMART way. Be on the lookout for our next Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp on January 8, 2019 @6pm.