Guideline #3 for Return to Exercise & Running After Giving Birth: Mind Your Breathing

Guideline #3 for Return to Exercise Postpartum: Mind your Breathing. This client doesn’t have kids but she’s demonstrating a breathing pattern that’s pretty common- primarily using her neck muscles to breathe instead of her diaphragm (see previous posts with anatomy app to see this muscle in 3D). You can see her shoulders lift 👆every time we ask her to take a deep breath. ❇️Your diaphragm works together with your pelvic floor to regulate pressure in your abdomen (aka Intra-abdominal pressure=IAP). ❇️When there’s an issue with coordinating the muscles of the core & pelvic floor, things like back pain, diastases (ab separation) and prolapse can happen. ❇️This client actually has low back, hip & shoulder pain. Can you guess which shoulder actually hurts? Comment below 👇for a chance to win a spot in the next Healthy Spine & Core workshop taught by @ironptmom (starts on Dec 3@5:30pm). #healthyspine #postpartumfitness #postpartumexercise #diastasisrecti #prolapse #postpartumrunning